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Namaste from Mystical India

I am a self taught mixed media artist. After being a significant cog in the wheel of Outdoor Media Industry for over two decades, I am now living my dream life as an Artiste expressing myself through my paintings.

I paint from my lovely tiny home studio which vibrates positive energy. I live and breathe ART and I create and send out lots of positive energy when I paint and that becomes an integral part of my creations. My studio is positioned such that all my artworks automatically absorb the new and full moon energies.  

Art-making is sacred to me which means I cleanse my aura and the energy in my work space with sacred practice of Reiki or smudging or meditation or pull oracle cards (whatever calls out to me on that particular day) and I infuse happy thoughts before I start painting. With every stroke I paint, I send out positive energy into the universe (that's why I never paint when I am angry.....). 

I work with various media (acrylics/ watercolors/ pastels/ charcoals) and paint on various substrates like paper/ canvas /mdf/ wood, Maps, old vintage papers and handmade papers. 

I love creating faces in all forms and colors because I believe that faces are the mirror of a soul. 

My favorites are Buddha (I have started a group called Infinite Buddhas of Compassion) and Ganesha (I am committed to painting 108 Ganeshas) but they are not the only ones I paint. Most of the times I create intuitively so I have no plans beforehand.  All my art works are inspirational and some have a story or a meaning or a message. 

I am happiest when I paint and YOUR support will ensure I can concentrate on creating more art, keep learning new techniques, and stay in my happy state which to me means living my dream. The funds also enable me to help others from time to time. 

If you have any questions about my artwork do write to me at 

Much love and light. 
Catalyst for Creative Compassion

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