Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breakthrough - The Buddha - Original Painting on Canvas board

Original Painting - Breakthrough. The Buddha.
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas Board. The Artwork will have to be framed at destination to minimize shipping costs.  
Size : 20" (H) x16" (W)Vertical.
The painting depicts the story of the Buddha when he achieved enlightenment which was a breakthrough at dawn (hence the sun on the right). He had touched the soil with his right hand to invoke mother earth as a witness of his enlightenment. The flowing orange robe was his attire through out. Give the seeds a fertile soil and they will flourish. These seeds are thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and hence the cycle can be broken or carried forward depending on our thoughts and deeds.
This painting is special to me as it is a personal breakthrough. Its one of those rare artworks that don't have a face but speaks volumes.


Price : US$ 300 + International Shipping : US$ 55 - Total : US$ 355 .

Shipping within 5/7 days of receipt of order/payment. It usually takes around 12/15 days to reach international destinations.
Note : Indian Buyers will have to choose an alternate payment method as paypal wont work due to RBI regulations (Sorry) Please email me at prernapoojara@gmail.com.


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