Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mini Altar Signs/Painting (with handmade stand) Buddha and Indian Swastika symbols on Wood/MDF for Office/Homes/Altars

These altar signs are full of positive energy and will lift the environment of your home/office. One side has a serene Buddha and the back side has a Swastika Symbol (not to be mistaken as the Nazi Symbol)

Swastikas are sacred symbols used in every Hindu household in India. They are used on doors/ steps, new item purchased or on books and cash boxes during Diwali. This Swastika is painted with fingers (not brush) just the way it is done traditionally. Hence the background looks like a door with welcome garlands on it. 

The Buddha paintings are a part my Infinite Buddhas of Compassion Series and hence have a lot of sacred energy embedded into it. Every stroke of paint was made only with the purest intent. 

This particular piece has a green face with colorful hair and a leaf. The eyes are downward gaze in pure contemplation and meditation

Size : 4”x4” (inches)

The mini stand is made out of clay and is also handmade (you will receive a similar one like in the picture but not the exact same one) 

The pieces are varnished to make them longer lasting. Simply wipe them with a dry cloth and keep them clean. 

These are original paintings and not prints. No two pieces will be alike as they are created intuitively and without any references or templates. I shoot my product in natural light.

Shipping : I ship through India Post and provide you with a tracking code. It takes approximately 15/20 days to reach international destinations. 

Price - US$ 26 + International Shipping US$ 4 = Total US$ 30

All other items in the photograph are props and not a part of the altar sign.

In case of Indian Buyers paypal link wont work. Please select other option/s for payments. Inconvenience is highly regretted but those are the RBI rules. 

Much love and light.

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